How to replace your ROM's in an EX5 and EX5R
Please read all of the document before commencing!
Disclaimer: all operations carried out at user's risk.
If you are uncertain - DON'T DO IT!

First, save any settings and/or voices. Take a moment to make sure you have done this. (You have saved your voices, haven't you? If not, please do so now). Unplug any power cords/cables for safety.

EX5 disassembly instructions can also be found in the Owner's Manual pp. 279-280, sections 1-3.

Place your EX on a soft surface (a bed is ideal, but only if the coverings are cotton. Nylon
or Polyester are not good for this due to static) and turn it upside down. Remove the eight
screws shown in the picture and put them somewhere safe. A cap from an aerosol can is
ideal for this. Place it somewhere else close and handy, not on the bed or work area where you (or the cat) will knock it over.

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