Guides available for EX5/5R/7
Warning: S1A files overwrite all synth settings - save yours first!
File Source Type Comment
EX5 Power Users Guide Yamaha Corp America PDF Thanks to Phil Clendeninn of Yamaha for this useful document.
EX5 Performance Layer/Split Tutorial Derek Cook PDF  
The Joy of EX Tutorial Yamaha Zipped PDF, S1Y, WAV, MID Includes disk files with fixed ARP thanks to Ski.
Additional Performance Setup Tips Yamaha PDF  
A step by step gating tutorial on the EX5 Dahwoud Zipped PDF  
tEXtures Deluxe Enhanced Version Yamaha Canada, Joel Silver, Ski Zipped PDF, S1A Includes accompanying disk files. Much enhanced layout by Ski.
Guide on how to convert A3000 Samples to WAV Ski PDF  
EX5 Meets the RM1x Tutorial Tj Marbois Zipped PDF  
Tutorial on how to get certain FX sounds without using FX! Ski Zipped PDF  
EX5/EX5R/EX7 Quick Guide Yamaha PDF More great work by Peter Krischker. German language version.
EX5/7 Tutorial Files Yamaha Zipped EX file - S1A, S1R, MID, LSO Accompanying diskette for the EX Quick Guide
How to replace the display in an EX5 James Attfield Link  
How to replace the Scene/Octave switches in an EX5 James Attfield Link  

Last updated Thursday, 10th May 2018

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