Other files and documents available for EX5/5R/7
File Source Type Comment
Sonar EX5 Definitions Cakewalk Sonar instrument definition file Includes definitions for the demo disks. Can also be used in Reaper.
EX5 catalog, manual and faq Yamaha Zipped PDF (multiple languages)  
Cubase Patch Script for EX5 Derek Cook Cubase Patchscript  
Template for documenting EX5 Patches Ski Zipped Word .doc document  
Listing of Eurodemo disk Yamaha Zipped HTML document Find the sounds in Patches under 'European Demo Disk'
EX5/5R/7 Brochure Yamaha PDF Document Original Yamaha sales brochure for the Yamaha EX range
FLOYD_Patch_Docs.html Floyd Steinberg Zipped HTML document Floyd Steinberg YouTube channel

Last updated Saturday, 17th April 2021

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