Utillity files and programs available for EX5/5R/7
File Source Type Comment
EX Filter Resonance Calculator Jim Attfield Zipped Executable  
EXplorEX Voice Explorer Jim Attfield Zipped Windows Installer  
ExplorEX Update Jim Attfield Zipped Executable (install ExplorEX first) Install the Voice Explorer first then copy this update binary.
ExplorEX Guide Jim Attfield Zipped HTML, PNG Rough guide to the EX Voice Explorer.
VL Expert Editors and VL Files Yamaha Zipped Various EX5 and EX5R only.
Simple Single Cycle Sample Set Synthesizer David Baker (Airy) Zipped Various  
Soundfont to S1M Converter Robert Wybenga Zipped EXE  
Soundfont to S1M Converter Source Code Robert Wybenga Zipped Source Code  
S1V Patch Explorer - Excel Ski Zipped Various Extract S1V patch information into an Excel spreadsheet
S1V Patch Explorer - Java Anon Zipped Java Various Extract S1V patch information - WIndows and Mac Java version

Last updated Thursday, 1st August 2019

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