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Welcome to EX5Tech UK. This is a temporary site created to carry files and documents relating to the Yamaha EX5, EX5R and EX7 synthesizers. Many of these (but not all) are normally served by the renowned site however in the absence of that site's file and forum areas due to technical issues this site has been created to fill the gap until they are resolved. At this stage we are more concerned with making files available than with creating a glossy site so please bear with us while we get up and running.


We acknowledge with thanks the images, logos and other assets created for the original EX5Tech and provided by Ski and Torus (Split Third Studios) which have helped to give this site some of the look and feel of We hope will make our visitors feel at home as much as possible. If we have failed to acknowledge any contributions we humbly apologise and would be delighted to add them here once we are aware of them.

Comments And Suggestions

As this site currently has no forum capability we ask that any comments, requests, suggestions or other traffic is posted at the very excellent YamahaMusicians forum run by our good friend Saul. The EX5/7 forum would be the appropriate forum for such traffic and will be the most monitored area, the EX5/7 download area should be kept for download traffic only.


We stress absolutely that we make no claim whatsoever on any copyright or intellectual property relating to any of the files on this site excepting the assets used to deploy this site which are, of course, our copyright. Our sole purpose is to make assets relating to Yamaha EX synthesizers available to owners of those great synths in the absence, temporary or otherwise of such valuable resources as EX5Tech and the greatly missed AMPFEA.

The files and documents available on this site have all been individually inspected for copyright information and we have used the following guidelines before posting them here:

Permission Granted

The document contains a notice confirming copyright but permitting upload or permitting provided the copyright notice is intact. We will put such files up here.

Permission Not Granted

The document contains a notice confirming copyright but forbidding upload. We will not put such files up here. If the file is deemed of great value or significance to the community we may try to seek permission from the originator if still contactable.

Permission Unknown

The document contains no or such scant information that the author cannot be determined and/or permission is indeterminate. We will put such files up here and endeavour to contact the originator if we have contact details to ask them to grant or deny permission. If denied we will remove such files immediately.

Commercial Works

The document has clear ownership and is currently commercially available. We will not put such files up here. An example of such as of the site publish date (shown below) would be the EX Service Manuals.

Owner Documents

The document has clear ownership but is not now or was not ever commercially available. We will put such documents up here. Such documents would normally have accompanied an EX when purchased. An example would be the EX Power Users Guide. If the documents are already freely available from e.g. Yamaha such as owner manuals we will put up a link to that document or site, not a file.

Other Documents

Any document or file not covered by the above categories will be assessed on it's own merits respecting always the rights of the author/originator as detailed above.

Right of Appeal

It is in the nature of things that some files will be unintentionally posted which the originator might feel should not have been. For any such occurrences, we apologise and absolutely commit that upon notice of such via, accompanied by reasonable proof of claim, we will remove the article(s) from this site. Indeed, if you are an originator and notice any inaccuracies or omissions we would like to hear about them and we will correct them.

Rules Of Engagement

The files uploaded to this site are provided solely for the benefit of EX owners or prospective purchasers and are freely available. We do not seek to benefit from this financially nor do we expect others to use it for financial gain. To those who might contemplate this please bear in mind that deep watermarked files are easy to identify and blatant abuse of this site will be considered grounds for punitive legal action.

We are trying to provide a centralised repository for all things EX therefore we implore you, dear visitor, to refrain from pulling files from here and pushing them elsewhere. All are welcome here so please if you have a need by all means email a link, post a link (to the home page please, not a deep link - abuse will only cause us to forbid deep linking) and respect our wish to maintain a lightweight, easy to maintain, easy to navigate site free of Flash, Java, web beacons and other such unwanted and superfluous modern browser encumbrances.

Final Word

It remains our fervent hope that EX5Tech lights up again one day soon and in that happy event this site will become dormant and redirect to the original EX5Tech.

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